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     The Martinon Yacht Club (MYC) has been around for over 65 years and it has always been a volunteer club committed to safe & enjoyable use of the our beautiful rivers and waterways. With over 100 active sailing and power boat members, the club is open to all ages and widely regarded as being family oriented.

     MYC membership fees are the lowest around - offering great value to anyone wanting to be part of a boating community where “many hands make light work” and boating knowledge is available for the asking.

     If you are a sailor and are interested in racing, our racing program is one of the best racing clubs in the area. If you don’t want to race your own boat there are many opportunities to crew with one of our skippers. If you would like to cruise up river we have an annual cruise that includes many events for all ages; the children love it and over the years MYC has taken hundreds of children up river on many cruises.

     New members are always welcome. We offer full membership to those wanting to race, cruise or require use of our boating facilities. We also offer an Associate Membership for those you who only want to launch kayaks.

Our Services

Marine Services: We have one of the best wharfs on the St John River for easy access to the river. The wharf has a water supply and a gin pole with a winch. Our Clubhouse is a quaint and charming space complete with a kitchen and bathroom. It has a great deck to socialize on, watch club races or to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the river. We offer: winter mast storage for a nominal fee, offer use of a mooring mover for members to maintain their moorings, dinghy storage and a cart for easy launch, storage sheds for outboard motors and oars. We do not offer berths

Learn: For those just starting out, MYC members regard boating safety as a top priority.

New members are provided a sponsor who will help them feel at home, show them them the ropes. What better way to learn to sail then to help crew in one of our races. We can help find you a skipper to crew with. 

Junior Membership: It's free Junior Membership for anyone 14-21 years of age. This is a great opportunity  to learn to sail. We will get you out on race night crew in with one of our skippers. After the  age of 21 you can remain a member for free until the age of 25. Although we waive the  membership dues other fees still apply such as fees for marine services. Junior Members  require parental approval.

Club HouseWhether you are drawn by our shore-side MYC clubhouse, our marine services, our  active boating  calendar, our regatta standard racing program, or to watch a club race, our members come from all points to enjoy the company of family, friends, and fellow members just like you. Steeped in Maritime history, these waterways have offered generations of local inhabitants both livelihood and untold hours of recreation. Today, the numerous rivers, lakes, inlets and coves which await continue to invite seasoned and new boaters alike to come and experience one of the most beautiful and pristine areas anywhere in Atlantic Canada.

Kayaking: Do you love to kayak

We offer an Associate Membership for anyone with a kayak and you need a place to launch.

Link to our rates and join us button.  (included with Associate Membership Fees)

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About Membership & Fees
Our Services

Our Wheelhouse

Club Executive Team 2018 

Commodore  – Jim Dobbin


Vice Commodore  – Danny Harrigan


Secretary  – Caroline Doubt


Treasurer – Holly O'Rourque


Race Directors – David Peer and Dave Price

Crew Behind 



The Crew behind the scenes 

Boat Launch/Haul Out 

Organizer: Gary Lockhart 

Backup: Commodore 


Buildings/Wharf & Maintenance 


Clubhouse Caretaker: Donnie & Carol


Jones Jack-of-all-Trades: Paul Roberts 

Communications (Email) 


Charlotte Roberts 


Facebook & Website 

Jeff & Cheryl Willson 


Long Range Planning 

Gail Mitchell (Chair), Minna, Danny Harrigan, Jeff Willson 


MYC Annual Cruise 

Cruise Director: Sherry Gionet 


Membership Commit-tee 

John Doubt (Chair), Burton Empey, Tom Hitchcock 


Membership Handbook 

Caroline & John Doubt 


Mooring Mover 

Claude Smith and Danny Harrigan 


Racing Chairpersons 

David Peer and Dave Price 


Racing Timekeepers 

Caroline Doubt, Carol Lee, Stephen & Patricia Lord, Rob &

Heather MacKinnon, Holly O'Rourke, Paula Smith 


Social Committee 

Anita Hitchcock (Chair), Jeanne Beltrandi-Chown, Pam Dobbin, Charlotte Roberts, Brenda deforest, 

Your crew.

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MYC History
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