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MYC celebrates 70 years

In 1952, our club was founded by 18 charter members. Without their dedication and vision of a proud sailing community, we would not be the MYC we are today. We continue to strive to uphold their legacy of community, friendships and sailing.

Bev Appleby                       Ted Hartshorn                         Lee Ralston Sr.

Eldon Card                         Lloyd Hard                             David Sullivan

James Evans                        Walter Lord                            Herm Sullivan Sr.

Dave Estey                          Ken MacKenzie                      Herm Sullivan Jr.

Ralph Gates                        Mel Nickerson                        Ken Whipple

Bob Hartshorn                     Gerald Peer                            Murray Whipple

Saturday August 6th after our annual Martinon Open Race we will be hosting our birthday party.  Live music, snacks and of course cake.  Please come join us in the celebration at our club.

Please contact the club via our email if you have any questions.

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