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2019 Peter Kierstead Memorial Award Nominations

Updated: May 6, 2019

What makes a good race Crew Member?

Are they ready for anything?

Crews are only as strong as their weakest member, therefore crew members are part of a team. Where else is teamwork more important? This is where crew members get to help other crew members when needed and accept help in return. Giving and accepting feedback is vital. Through rain and wind and fog the crew races on.

Is there positive energy?

Do they have a genuine enthusiasm for racing? A good sense of humour always comes in handy. Some would say the key to being a good race crew member is to always “be yourself” no matter how goofy that is.

Do they like to learn?

Are they a good listener? Do they act on instructions and pass on information accurately as required? Racing crew members need to follow orders from the skipper when told

and ask questions afterwards. Do they ask lots of questions?


2019 Peter Kierstead Award Nomination Form


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