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David Peer has provided us with the following list to help us prepare our boats for the upcoming Hurricane Dorian.

You might want to bookmark this blog for future reference.

The MYC mooring field will be potentially exposed to wind and waves coming straight down the Kenebecasis. The best advice is to seek shelter from wind and waves and ride out the storm in a secure location like Palmer's Creek; but if you can't...

  • Check that your mooring ropes are in good shape, well secured, and protected from chafing.

  • Take all loose items on the deck and store them below, or take them home.

  • Remove your bimini canvas; or at a minimum wrap the canvas up with rope securely so no canvas parts can flap around and get torn or damaged.

  • Remove your roller furled jib (If your jib gets unfurled it could demast the boat); at a minimum make sure the sheets are wrapped around the sail and then use a sail tie to tie around the sail so it is not depending on your roller reefing line to stay secure.

  • Check that all halyards are secure.

  • Remove your mainsail and cover; at a minimum secure your main and cover on the boom with rope at close regular intervals with half hitches around the boom and mast; don't leave room for the wind to blow off your cover and potentially ruin your cover or mainsail.

  • Remove all burgees and flags.

  • Drop your dodger and remove the canvas.

  • Don't forget to secure your dinghy ashore; tie your dinghy down to the rack.

Remember, during the height of the storm, it will be impossible to launch and recover a dinghy from the MYC and get to your boat safely. Good preparation is the best precaution against the wind and waves.

David Peer

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