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SJM Open Distance Races

Thursday July 5th was the first joint Open Distance Race, held and hosted by the SJM and organized by the MYC Racing Committee.

Although it was a hot and stuffy night we had seven boats for the first race. There was a good steady strong breeze throughout the race, making it cool for the racers and lots of fun as well.

The new fixed course (SJM start, Ragged Point, McCormick and SJM finish) gave us an opportunity to practice some ideas that we had discussed during our regular races and also introduced three new boats - our own Sea Fever (skippered by Steve Mullin) and Suvituulli (skippered by Minna) and Loki from RKYC, an all women crew (skippered by Lisa Frechette).

Before the race we gathered at the SJM Visitors’ dock where David Peer made sure that we all understood the Sailing Instructions and the course. The Visitors’ dock was packed with five boats. Frolic IV tied up at the gas dock and Misty Jewel had a problem so didn’t come in; otherwise we’d have been overcrowded.

The race was quite short with all boats finishing in just over an hour. One of the crew was overheard saying that that was the most fun they’d had racing and wished it had been longer.

Everyone kept track of their own time and the results were e-mailed to the skippers the next day.

After the race, we all went onto the SJM patio where we had refreshments and pub food and discussed the race. Hillary Kierstead (an Associate member and Restaurant Manager at the SJM) provided the race prize which was two tickets to the Steve Mullinger Comedy Show. We drew names for the winner and lucky Steve Mullin went home with the tickets.

It was such a blast, everyone plans on participating in the next open distance race July 26th.

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Unknown member
09. Juli 2018

Here are Danny Harrigan's thoughts about the race...

Hi gang,

Mini review of first event.

Picture perfect July sunny evening complimented with gentle, south, gusty, shifting wind. Just enough to heal fleet. Triangle course (B,R,P,B) B provided start& finish with tons of safe room. Triangle not only provided three angles of sail: down wind, beat and windward to finish. But, an excellent tide and current effect. First leg took fleet directly through our one and only inland "tide rip capital" Ragged Point. Homeward leg, provided windward and an excellent combination of a very noticeable ebb and flood currents. Fleet pretty much filed along in single order, couple boats battled first leg and I expect they all traded places on windward.…

Gefällt mir
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